• EECE 5155: Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, Fall 2022 Semester.

    This course introduces the state of the art in communication, networking, and data collection technologies for the IoT through a series of theoretical lectures, computer laboratory assignments, and a final project. In the theoretical lectures, the main steps in the data path are presented, including data acquisition, local data processing, data communication, data stream, data storage & cloud, and data analytics. Special emphasis is given to the design, modeling, and experimentation of communication and networking solutions at the various layers of the protocol stack. In the laboratory assignments, development kits for the IoT (e.g., Texas Instruments CC2650 LaunchPad kit) and sensors, as well as large-scale wireless platforms (e.g., Colosseum, the world’s most powerful wireless network emulator) are used to better illustrate and solidify the concepts learned in class. In the final project, students work in group to develop technical report on different application areas of the IoT, and orally present their work to the class.